About Us



Here’s a little piece of our family treasure, right in your hands.
We’re the 6th generation coffee planters from the famous Chikmagalur region in Karnataka. So you could say that coffee is in our blood.
Being around coffee plantations all our lives helped us develop the most refined sense of aroma & taste, to ensure we pick the very best beans for your cup of coffee. One day, while we were savouring a fresh brew, it finally hit us. We just had to share our coffee with everyone around us!
Thus " The Coffee Brewing Co" was born, to give a range of blends.
The coffee has been sourced from our plantations into which we put our best efforts in sustainable farming.
Each of these blends have been tried & loved by our family & friends! So, we hope this will become part of your daily routine, just as it has been a part of ours for decades.

Nitha, Varsha, Sumathi, Premkumar Mysore.